Air pump DUUTI-cheap, mini and portable

We’re again on the bike topic. If you like driving a bike you may across a situation wher your tire get flat. It’s common situation and never pleasant. If you are not far from home you can just push your bike to home but if you have a bit of the way you have a problem. For that events it’s good to have some repair kit and pump. Best air pump must be portable, light and small. Today we gonna check cheap mini portable air pump DUUTI.

Overall description

Material: Nylon, ABS
Lenght: Pull back 19,5cm(realy portable) Extend 41cm
Weight: 127g
Available color: white, yellow, red, blue, black, orange, grey
Price: 4-5$
Included accessories:
Plastic port to pump air toys or air bed
Metal transfer to american noozle
Ball nozzle to pump balls
Pump sheath (the part that you mount to the bike to hold the pump)
2x Cable tie to mount pump sheath

The package

The package was like most of the cheap products from aliexpress foil envelope, but the pump was all fine, nothing broken nothing lost. The pump didn’t stink Chinese plastic factory. The package is correct for this price.

Quality of made

The pump is made from cheap plastic. It’s good enought for pump, but if you step on it or just drop it on the street it may break. Be gently for this accesory and be careful about it and everything should be fine we can’t expect the best quality for 5$. The pump is very simple construction.

The pumping

The pumping by using this pump it’s easy, just connect pump to noozle and start pumping. Connecting is easy to do and tight so there is no air leaks. The pump is mini and portable so it’s take a while to pump whole tire but it’s good strenght training :).

Pump sheath

The sheath is made pretty good and hold tight bike pump but thre are cable ties too. The cable tie it’s not the perfect way to hod someting it’s great when you to tie your cables but on the bike it may disapoint you but if you close them tight they will withstand and even if you lose one you can easy replace it. Another advantage is that you don’t need to make any hole in your bike. But there is no way to hold rest of the accessories in sheat so you need to hold them in your pocket or your backpack. It’s not perfect solution but it’s also not bad but still great for this price.

The cable tie are easy to replace

The accessories

The accesories are packed in zip bag, they are mad good and they do their job. it’s pleasant accent in this set, because it’s great to go bike on the beach and pump your voleyball ball it’s smart move to add this accessories.

From left to pump air toy, ball, tires with diferent nozzle.

Summary. Is this cheap pump is worth to buy?

Of course it’s great tool for bike and other stuff, it’s cheap and does his job it’s great deal for 5$ but if you pay more lik 10 or 15 dolars then you may receive something better. This pump have extra accesories that let you pump ball or air toy and it’s for only 5$ doesn’t sound great? So if you looking the best pump ever the ultimate portable pump don’t buy this one it’s not perfet but if you have 5$ buy this air pump DUUTI, it’s great tool.

I bought this portable pump here.

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