This tool is made very well and usage of it it's just a pleasure.

Anti-static precision tweezers

From time to time every one of us have to do something precise for this kind of problem the solution are precision tweezers. The true is that most of us have something like this in home or just think that don’t need. Take a sit and let me show you super cheap anti-static precision tweezers and check out if this tool is worth your attention.

This tool is made very well and usage of it it's just a pleasure.

Overall description

This tweezers werre packed in foil envelope and it’s fine you may wondering how they were protected before make hole in envelope the answer is protecting cap on top of spike but i lost it so I can’t show you how it was look.

Material: Stainless steel
Price: +-1$

Quality of made

The tweezers are made just very good for the price 1$ it’s briliant. I haven’t anti-static tweezers before but this one are fine to me

Tweezers are very pointed so be careful with them

Usage of precision tweezers

The usage of this tool is awesome for the price 1$ we get anti-static tweezers that fit perfect in hand and have no bad smell, doesn’t lose their look except accidental scratch by something sharp. They hold tight so you can easy move some electronic part from place to place with no risk that you lose it. The tweezers are also great to removing finger skin peel.


Those tweezers are great if you need a pair of them or work with electronic parts. They do their job if you are ameteur beautican. There is no bad side of them maby just one the shipping may last few weeks but not often so be patient but it’s one of the rules buying from Chinese store.

I bought this anti-static precision tweezers here.

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