Arduino nano the best tool to learn programing

Hello. Again in the field of engineering. We live in 2020 and IT is around us, it’s huge market and and from year to year demand for IT is bigger and bigger. Maby one of you would like to learn something about it or encourage your kid to learn this. Today i would like to present you arduino nano best tool to learn programing for begginers, and great gift from every technical like IT person.

Overall description

  • 8 Analog inputs A0-A7
  • 14 Digital IO TX,RX,D2-D13
  • 6 PWM outputs: D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11
  • Run on Atmega 328P
  • Source of power USB or separated source of power 5-12V
  • 30cm usb wire
  • Price: 3-4$

The package

The package is foil envelope. Inside tha package Is USB wire to connect your arduino nano to PC and the arduino nano. The contoller is packed in extra bag that protects him from getting damage, nice little accent. There is no bad smell or something like this.

The quality of made

There is no mutch to say. Everything is fine the PCB is good quality and everything is maded well.

The usage

Using this is very very easy but you have to know it’s only basic so if you wanna have truelly great experience you have to buy some diodes, buttons, sensors but this is the basic. And using this arduino nano is same like original arduino but the price is just a few$ comparing to 20$ or more so it’s awesome because even if it stop working you lost 3-4$ not 20$.


It’s great product for great price. Awesome gift for programist or someone to learn how to electricity, programing, etc. Only bad side of this tool is slightly lesser living than original arduino. I Recomand this product. For everyone to try there is so many tutorials “Arduino Uno tutorial” For every person and everyone can handle it.

I bought this arduino nano here.

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