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We are still in DIY area. Few weeks ago I reviewed cheap soldering iron it is great tool especialy for beginners or amateur but to make our soldering or desoldering pleasant it’s good to have desoldering pump. There is no sense buy cheap soldering iron and expensive desoldering tool that’s why this time we will check out cheap desoldering pump.

This desoldering pump is made partialy from metal that's make it more durable.

Overall description

Material: Meteal and plastic
Net weight: 40g
Length: 209.5mm
Diameter: 20mm
Color: Gold (also available blue and grey?)
Price: 1-3$

The package

The package is just foil envelope but it was good enough becuase desoldering tool was fine. Insie the bag is just tool and it’s okay because usage of it is easy.

Quality of made

This tool is made very well for his price, it costs around 2$ and seems to be very durable. The pump hasn’t bad smell. It’s half metalic and I was afraid of sharp edges but fortunately I was wrong edges are well finished. Only thing that I am worry about is plastic tip and I’m afriad it may melt accidentaly during desoldering but my looks like a new one after a few tests even if it melt you can find extra nozzle.

If we wanna use desoldering pump just push button on the top to make desoldering tool ready. The side button is for release pump.

Usage of desoldering pump

The usage of this tool is very easy there are just two buttons. The button on the top is to make pump ready, button on the side is to release pressure and remove tin. During desoldering tin need to be heated up and liquid it’s obvious but good to mention to don’t leavy any misunderstandings. The pump removing tin pretty well but a lot dependends on your skills.


This desoldering tool was big surprise, for around 2$ we get very well made tool that improve our fun with soldering. It’s dedicated for begginers, handyman and amatours, it’s not best solution for the pros but even for them it’s worth to buy and have this type of device just in case. For most cases it’s enough for succesfuly desoldering. I recommend this for everyone who solid things.

I bought this cheap desoldering pump here.

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