Precision pliers

Cheap precision pliers to buy, or not to buy- that is the question

As you may noticed I’m into devices and DIY that’s why my reviews are so often about tools. To cut any wire it’s good to have some pliers, that was the reason to buy pliers. Before I did it I made some research and I discover that the pliers from aliexpress are cheaper and because I was not in a hurry I order it. Today we gonna check if the cheap precision pliers from Aliexpres does their job.

precision pliers

Overall description

Material: plastic + steel
Size: 13cmx7.6cm
Maximum open angle: 45°
Price: 2-3$

The package

The precision pliers were packed in a foil envelope and thats it. I’t fine for this price but the biggest suprice of this pliers was that, it didn’t have bad smell. The quality of this tool is good for his price the pliers hold tight and well.

Usage precision pliers

Using this pliers is very good with some disadvantagues but let’s start from the bright side. The pliers are dedicated for precision works like trime some wires, fixing jewelery etc. so don’t expect they will deal with every size of wire. The precision pliers are very sharp and thats great.The pliers have build in stiff wire which works like spring and improve usage feeling. But there are some bad sides small but they still exist. This pliers are sharp and poined and the point is easy to bend or break down and the second minus is that the “spring” don’t fit perfect and it’s not reliable but without this sping pliers works still great.


This precision pliers are great for precision work, have some disadvantages but they cost around 2.5$ so we shouldn’t expect high end quality. For this price it’s great deal that may improve you work, even if you are not into DIY it’s worth to have pair of them just in case.

I bought this precision pliers here.

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