Front bicycle light- safety not included

Again post about bicycles :D. One of the most important accesory for bike is lamp. The rear bicycle light that i reviewed a few weeks ago was great for his price, long battery life, not bad quality of made and bright enought to significanty increase being visible. Today I gonna check out if the front bicycle light for the similar price is as good as rear light. I hope you will enjoy my test.

Front bicycle light

Overall description

Material: plastic + ABS
Size: 65mmx29mmx23mm
Source of light: Silngle led 3W
Maximum brightness: 300 lumens
3 Working Modes: High-Medium-Strobe
Price: 5-6$
Running time: high 2.5 hours, medium 5 hours, flashing 12hours

The package

Inside the foil envelope we find lamp and usb charging wire. There is no extra package so here is a minus comparing to the rear light, but let’s say it’s not define quality of product for this price. The front light and wire have bad smell, the smell of cheap Chinese plastic.

Front bicycle light and usb charging wire

Quality of made

This fron bicycle light is made of plastic but this time it’s not good quality of material. As I said it smells bad. It’s very delicate, one strong move and it may break down. Material maching it’s very bad, there is no chance for any waterproof. I said the charging port in rear bicycle light was not so good, I was wrong that was not that bad. In this front bicycle light it’s terible, hard to close, bad fit and I don’t feel that is durable at all. The clasp rubber is worse than in rear light but still okay. I thought that kind of attachment to the bike it’s bad but it’s quite durable. The charging cable works and it’s the best what I can say about it. It’s bad quality and look very cheap and not durable.


This lamp have 3 modes of light full bright, semi bright and flashing. Full bright it’s only sensible option to use, flashing light is bad for cycling in the dark and semi bright it’s too dark. The full bright it’s not perfect too but it’s okay.

The battery

In full bright mode battery last max 2,5 hours but usually it’s 2 hours or less and it’s worse than seller declarate. In semi bright it’s less than 5 hours and it’s also less than seller declarate.

Is it worth to buy?

This time the score is not that positive. This light have some pros like low price and probably , it’s fine if you wanna spend 5$ on your lamp and you don’t care about your safety then go ahead. But if you wanna some good lamp that improve your safety or your closest pay more or find some diferent lamp because this one it’s not so good.

I bought this front bicycle light here.

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