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Great cheap phone holder UGREEN

Hello. Long time no see. I hope this review compensate this time in some way. Traveling now is mutch different than years ago. Years ago traveling was mainly in trains and buses now we drive our cars. Years ago to travel you have to had map, compas, now this things are in your mobile phone. Thats have some pros and cons but it’s not about arguing if map is better than GPS etc. Now to navigate we use our phones but using phone while driving is best way for car accident. To minimalize risk of this emotional and questionable entertainment it’s good to have some phone holder. Today I will show you holder UGREEN.

Ugreen phone holder

Overall description

  • Brand name: Ugreen
  • Way of mount: Air Vent mount
  • Color: Black
  • Shell material: ABS+ Plastic
  • Clip material: Steel + Silicon
  • Price: ~5$
  • Rotate 360°
  • Fit for phones from 3,5 to 7 inches

The package

The holder was paced into small carton box and foil envelope. Inside envelope was an extra cable organiser velcro fastener. There was no bad smell everything came without any damage. Britial condition. UGREEN carton box is nice quality. Inside the box is phone holder and small card that have info that this product have 2 years warranty. I am very sceptical about utility of this warranty especially the shipping cost might be higher than real price of the holder, but it’s very very nice that ugreen treats his company seriously and seems to take care of the buyers.

The quality of made

Before I bought this phone holder I hade one product of Ugreen it was jack cable and it was very good quality, in this holder there was no surprise, holder is just great for his price, hold tight and material of made are high quality, there is no place for cheap plastic. No bad smell of the product, no scratches or casting errors.

The usage

The usage is very easy just push in the correct way your holder to the air vents and voila, phone holder is mounted in your car. To mount phone to your holder you have to grab arms of holder and move them in oposite directions, it is harder because arms hold realy hard and might require little force. It’s good sign because shows how strong phone is holded. I am not off road driver so my biggest experience with this was biger road hole but in regular conditions it holds phone excelent. I suspect even off road car would enjoy how tight it is. Bigger problem migh be correct mount holder to the car but if you do it reliable it should be good as well. The rotating of holder is no too easy, so you don’t need to be awere that your screen flip during ride.


This is easy review, this phone holder is very good and during usage i found only 1 disadvantage. The holder have no angle control so if your air vent are no parallel to your glance then you don’t get greates view. This is regular attribute of every phone holder, only some have fixed this. even newest cars have screens wich require from driver look away from road. For me this holder is awesome. If you are looking for some phone holder I recomend you this one.

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