LELITEN cheap headlamp is great bargain for under 5$

This introduction should be deep or at least funny. Here should be something brilliant and surprising but it won’t be. I just bought some headlamp for myself for amateur usage like light up some hot chick. Oh got that was so lame joke, but don’t worry it will be just worse. I was looking for some cheap headlamp, and I found many and many of those on Aliexpress. They look similar or same and the main reason why I choose LELITEN are reviews- positive reviews. Below my opinion about this cheap headlamp.

Overall description

  • What: headlamp LELITEN
  • Material: ABS
  • Charging via usb
  • Diodes: 2 * COB Led + LED XPE
  • Energy source: battery 18650
  • Basic package is lamp+ micro usb charging cable (without battery)
  • Price: +-5$

The package

The package was basic Aliexpress envelope, but inside the envelope was a carton box. It’s problem about the box because it arrive little bit creased, not much but noticeable. Inside the box is headlamp and charging cable. There was no bad small inside envelope.

The quality of made

Plastic is not high quality, seems to be little bit too thin. Cover of charging port is very low quality, bad fit to the hole and falls out from the charging port. This headlamp it’s not prepared to use under rain. Probably will survive regular rain but water drops can easy go by charging port to inside of lamp. The band that holds lamp to the head is durable and nice to head, and hair (don’t harm while equipping.

The usage

Here are the pros. There are 4 modes of light: 2 COB LED, XPE LED, 2 COB LED +XPE LED and flash mode. This headlamp is so bright for his price. It’s not so bright like dedicated light but it’s enough to do occasionality fixes in the dark or just to have some lamp in the backpack. The only con is the battery life, it’s around 2 hours but it’s depended by battery and my battery it’s not brand new For me it’s enough and if you need more buy another battery. Headlamp hold strong to head. Holding bands are comfortable and fit well to head. If you fit this cheap headlamp well to your head it’s stay still.


This cheap headlamp is great choose if you are looking for some headlamp for amateur purpose. If you are pros and need some great product then you now there is no chance to buy it around 5$. If your requirements are quite normal like go fishing at night or running at night or cycling. Of course it’s not perfect product but really good value for money and bargain for less than 5$.

I bought this cheap headlamp here.

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