Pros and cons of Chinese sites

Buying on china sites is still something new, of course it’s mutch more popular than years ago but still not that well know like amazon or ebay. The worst it’s to make first purchase, I know, so many questions. Probably you have or had worries about buying on china sites. Below you can find pros and cons of Chinese sites I hope you will enjoy this post and it helps you.



One of the biggest advantages is lower price. Usually on China sites you can buy same items noticeably cheaper than on the other sites or local stores for example mi band 4 on amazon and aliexpress. Below is comparison.

Never seen before things

Next argument for buying is that, on Chinese sites you can find some never seen before things like chicken helmet if you wanna keep your favorite chicken safe.

Rare parts

On china online stores you can find replacement parts that are rare or unobtainable in common way. If you couldn’t find wheel to your best RC car chinese online stores might help you with it.

Helpful sellers

If you receie wrong or destroyed item sellers usually help you with fixing product and offer you full or partial refound or exchange. In most cases they are understanding and helpful but DON’T ABUSE THIS!



The biggest disadvantage is no good conditions of warranty, usualy warranty exist but in most stores you will have to pay for ship your broken item to china and it might be bigger cost than your purchase, but many stores try to solve this solution and they offer refound cost of repair in your country or they have fixing departments closer than in china so it’s getting better

Shipping time

Shipping time usally is longer than on other sites but not always, it depends from many factors like where you live, on which site you ordered, what you ordered and what shipement method you selected. If you ordered some smartphone ore laptop you might receive it in few days but there is matter where you live, but if you buy some stickers or pendant you may wait for this up to 2 months but for cases like this is usually les than month and they still working on it.

Custom duty

In some countries you will have to pay extra tax or custom duty. To make sure check your local law and states of your nationals.

Fake sites

Some china sites might be fake. The Internet is full of fake websites that wanna steal your money. Beware this kind of website, pick safer offer even if it cos a little bit more. Personaly I recomand Aliexpress and Gearbest, those two are oldest and safest sites to buy.

So, is it worth?

Summarizing all pros and cons of Chinese sites the answer is… it dependent. For me it’s greate deal almost always you get what you order or seller make all his best to make you satisfied. If you are impatient or just have no time don’t order on Chinese site. If you like to get great Christmass decor for half price or less August it’s great time to looking for it :). That kind of buying it’s great but as everything it’s not perfect, if you accept some cons you will be satisfied and happy and your shopping will change forever.

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