Rear bicycle light- safety first

I love riding a bike and I hope you too. Before a ride it’s wisely to check a breaks, tire pressure and bicycle helmet these activities will increase your safety. Ensuring that you are good visibile is at least as important as mentioned before activities. You should always put on something high visible and prepare bicycle light. Today we will test cheap rear bicycle light.

The light packed in paper box

Overall description

Light source LED
Maximum output light 120lm
Charge 5V/1A max
Declared charging time from 0 to 100% 2 hours
Made of PC+ABS material
650mAh lithium battery
Size: 71x22x21mm (aprox.)
Net weight 35 grams (aprox.)
Rain waterproof
Cost: 4-5$

The package

Inside the foil aliexpress envelope we find one paper box. Inside the box we can find bicycle taillight and charging micro usb line. There is no instruction how to use or install light on your bike, but it’s easy to do so everyone will be able to deal with it.

Quality of made

This rear bicycle light mostly it’s made of plastic and it’s quite good quality of abs for this price. The rest of the material is rubber and there might be a problem. The charging port protection it’s made of very weak looking material and I’m afraid it will rip after few uses. The clasp rubber looks mutch better but the way how it clasp does not provide me that the lamp will not fall off during ride on bumps but for now it’s not bad. The charging line it’s made well, it’s not quality of best lines on the aliexpress but it’s fine for the price and use.


This lamp offers us 4 types of lighting: full bright, semi-bright, sharp flash (it’s just blinking light), and “sos flashing”. Full bright light it’s realy light for this price, semi-bright also works well. Other light types also do their job. There is no weak point.

The battery

When we use maximum level steady light, the full charged light can be use for 5-6 hours and for 10-11hours for semi-bright. Producent declarate it will be working for 3,5 with full bright and 7 hours with semi-bright, so it’s awesome result for this price. Charging this light from 0 to 100% last around 3-4 hours so it’s also good time.

Is it worth to buy?

This rear bicycle light is very very good for this price, and im pretty sure you will not find better up to 15$ in your local store. If you are looking for cheap good taillight it’s very good product, but if you have more money to spent on it or just use to ride during night buy some better light for 20-30$ or more it’s an investment in your safety or your closest. If you have 5$ and wanna buy rear bicycle light, this one it’s worth every penny.

I bought this rear bicycle light here.

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