The best cheap soldering iron

Almost in every handyman home we can find screwdrivers and wrenches, but most of them have no tool to fix elictric device. One of the basics tools of that type is soldering tool. Of course you can buy some soldering station for “only” 200$ or even more but if you just need solder sometring from time to time
I suspect you don’t wanna spend a lot of money. Am I right or am I right?
Below you can find solution for your need- the best cheap soldering iron.

Important information!!! The reviewing soldering iron is no name and probably 99% of this looking are the same as reviewed and they come frome one factory.

If you wanna spend a little on soldering tool you have two ways. You can buy transformer soldering gun or soldering iron. Transformer soldering gun are not for every one, they are heavier, harder to manipulate and the tip is thicker.
I recomand you stay away from them, especially if you plan have only one soldering tool. Soldering iron is more comprehensive. On the AliExpress you can find so many models of soldering iron but some of them are waste of your money. I’d like to present you this one which is worth to buy.

Overall description

The soldering iron came to me in AliExpress foil bag. Inside bag was soldering iron with one tip. On Aliexpress you can find sets with extra soldering tips. It’s worth to buy that kind of set, most of them are useful and worth to have some extra just in case.

Basic parameters:

Soldering Iron Length: 18.5cm
Cable Length: 143cm
Temperature adjust range 200-450°C
Working Voltage: 220V 50HZ You can find US version for 110V 60HZ
Power: 60W
Price: around 4-5$

It’s my second soldering iron because first stopped working. Triac inside body broke down. It could be might fault because soldering iron was turned on for over 2 hours. After replacing broken triac the tool works perfect.

Quality of soldering iron

The soldering iron body is made of cheap plastic but it’s fine for price 4-5$. If you step on it it probably will break but in normal use should be fine. The iron part it’s made quite well however after few soldering geting darker and lose shine but it doesn’t cause diference in soldering. The metal and plastic part are separated by rubber which protect your hand before heat. It’s nice made and it does its job.

Quality of workmanship is adequate for the price.


Use this soldering iron it’s super easy you need just connect to plug and adjust temperatue. In the body it’s small diode that inform tool is connected but it’s barely visible. The main problem is that the power isn’t equal 60W but it’s still enought to solder well. There apear second drawback the temerature isn’t precise and use to drops so keep that in mind. These are small details but I had to mention about them.

Above is knob to adjust temperature.

Soldering tips

In base version we receive one soldering tip the universal it’s good but it may lose some soldering properties over time so i recomand you to buy some extra set of tips for 1-2$. Most of them are made very good.

Soldering tips geting darker if you don’t clean them properly.

Summary. Is it the best cheap soldering iron?

Probably it is, i never heard about better. It’s perfect for every handyman and begginer electrician and not only.
This soldering iron it’s great but it’s great for this price you will solder every regular wire but it’s not tool for pros. The soldering iron can’t replace soldering station but it’s enought for most people. If you are thinking about buy soldering tool I am pretty sure you will be satisfied. I use it quite often and it’s cool but i know there will come a day when this will not be enought. After all it’s one of the best cheap things that you can buy from aliexpress and the best cheap soldering iron.

This soldering iron it’s no name so you can find some good store on aliexpress or use one of the link below.

I bought this soldering iron here.

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