Tools that let you easy and harmless unpin car interior

Hi guys. I know the title might be little weird but quite well describe this item. It’s not surprise that the best way to know how it works is open it. This operation may take some time and might scratch or harm thing that you wanna open, the best way to avoid this situation is to get some tools that improve opening. Today i will show you Tools that let you easy and harmless unpin car interior.

Overall description

Basic parameters:

Package looks like chinese foil envelope cheap but it’s fine for this price. Inside the envelope we can find string bag with 4 tools. It’s still fair for this price, no bad smell of cheap plastic. First impression it’s okay for this price.

Material: Plastic
Weight: 65g
Collor: yellow
Package content 4psc unpin car interior tools
Lenght of single part is from 140-215mm
Price: 2-4$

Quality of made

These tools are made of quite durable plastic, of course expensiver sets are better but for the price of cheap burger it’s good quality. There is the fly in the ointment, some edges are bad cast and they stick out. You don’t wanna wound your finger or hand by using them so before make sure they are free of bad casts, but if they have use some scisors and sandpaper to polish them.


This tools are quite usefull obviously there are better tools on the martket but those are no bad and if you notice it cos around 3$ then you get great deal. You can easy unpin your car interior but keep in mind after some time they will break down.


This tools are good. If you are pro then probably you have some better, but this are worth to have just in case or nice to give as a gift to your mate or husband. Just make some case for it :). If you are handyman this set will be great for you, it let you unpin everything from car interior. They will break down over time but it’s still great value for money. For around 3$ you get 4 tools that safe lot of your time, just great.

I bought this tools that let you easy and harmless unpin car interioron here.

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