What’s worth to buy from Chinese online shops and what isn’t #2

One part of “what’s worth to buy from Chinese online shops and what isn’t” it’s obviously to small ;). Rules in this text are good to obey to avoid disappointment and reduce chance of buy some crap. This tutorial is focused on new buyers from Chinese online shops but more experienced user may find something interesting in this too. Enjoy this post :).


Many of people used to buy seed from China but I have bad news for you it’s not that good like it seems to be.

  • First- seeds from China usually are low quality and only small amount of plants grow up.
  • Second- there is no control of types of seeds, in some countries is a prohibition bounded with GMO and protection of local type of plants, try to respect that.
  • Third- seeds from China have very similar price like in your country. There is no sense to buy it from there. Probably you see blue strawberry seed but there are no strawberries seeds but low quality regular one.

Graphic cards

Now on the market is a huge lack of graphic cards and even If you find any available in the local shop the price cause the head to spin. On many Chinese online shops you can find many graphic cards in affordable prices. Don’t trust them!!!. I saw many reviews and opinions of users and it’s a scam. Graphic cards that users receive are much much worse that seller describes like you buy Nvidia gtx1080 and receive gtx660. Moreover many of them are after Bitcoin mining. Don’t buy them unless you wanna lose your money and receive trash.

Phone cases

Phone cases are one of the most worthy things from Chinese shops especially from Aliexpress. Of course there is no chance that 1$ case will survive everything, but trust me 5$ and more are mostly very good quality phone cases. I saw many of them and even 2-3$ were made really good and cost of them in normal shops would be 3 times bigger. For example original apple iPhone 11 PRO silicon case cost around 45$ similar looking and very recommended case from Aliexpress cost 15$. Isn’t that great deal? I know I described phone accessories last time but I feel that I didn’t exhaust the topic. Probably in the future there will be even more references to this.

Difference in price make difference in quality

There are some products that look the same on the photo but price is very different and you wonder why is this situation. There are few answers of that question.

  • Sale
  • Mistakes made by sellers during settings price of item
  • They are two different quality items.

One and second points are great for you to buy item. Last one is a trap for too greedy people. To avoid this trap pay attention on how many items was sold by seller and the reviews of users . Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have some tips for me or other users leave comment below.

My previous review is here.

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