Best cheap backpack Xiaomi

Hello, again long time no see, unfotunately exams time so be patient that reviews are so irregular, I do my best but sometimes I have no time for anything else. It’s not moaning time it’s time for reviews, because it’s summer time so it’s great time to go outside and enjoy nature, relax or take part in summer activities: swimming in lake, ride on a bike or walk in the mountains. For this time it’s great to have some bag or backpack to pack ID, phone etc. Today I will show you the best cheap backpack Xiaomi. Enjoy review.

Backpack looks great, the color is very saturated.

Overall description

  • Material: poliester
  • Size: 34×22,5x13cm
  • Weight: 0.1650kg
  • Color: Mine is dark blue bure there is so many optional colors
  • Price 5-8$

The package

The biggest surprise after buing this backpack was fast shipping it was one week. The backpack comes in regural foil envelope. Its big envelope and it’s looks ridiculous but it’s only the package.

The quality of made

The package wasn’t great but it means nothing. The backpack is made very very well. It’s hard to believe it cost 5$. Everything looks high quality. Seams are well made and the color is just wonderfull. Zip fasteners looks great and seems to be durable. The backpack is no big so it’s great for regular items water, wallet etc. The 15″ laptop wont fit inside but small netbook yes. It’s great for school if you don’t carying much.

The usage

The backpack Xiaomi have 4 backpack pocket two biggest are zip fastenen two smaller no. Inside big pocket is parting. Using this backpack is very nice, it’s comfortable and fit’s well just may look funny if you are bigger but it’s boud with every small backpack. This backpack is waterproof but the zip fasteners are not so it save you from little rain but during storm things inside your backpack may get wet.

The backpack is very capacious for his size.


This is one of my favorite chinese products. The backpack is made very well and have no bad sides for price 5-8$. Only bad side at all is that there is no full waterproof. It’s greate for holding things during outdoor activities or just take things on swinning pool. I recomand you this produtc and if you are looking for some small backpack this one migh be great for you.

I bought this awesome backpack here.

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