Super cheap, awful tools set to fix your phone

Hello. Long time no see. As you may know one of the biggest advantage of buying on Chinese shops is lower price, and it’s great, but every coin have two sides. This review is some kind of warninig and lesson how to don’t make mistakes. This time we gonna check if cheap tools set may be worth 2$. I hope you will enjoy this review mutch more than I enjoy this product.

Important information!!! This is not full set, I admit I lost one screwdriver and one plastic guitar picks but you lost nothing their quality was analogoust to rest of set.

Important information 2!!! As you may notice today photos was better it’s because I used desk lamp from my girlfriend. I’m very grateful to her. Thank you.

Overall description

  • material: rubber, plastic, metal
  • 1.5 Phillips Screwdriver (PH000)
  • 0.8 Star Screwdriver
  • 2.0 Slotted Screwdriver
  • 2x plastic spugder
  • 1x mini suction cup
  • 2x plastic guitar picks
  • price: 2$

The package

This is super cheap tools set so there is no surprise the set was packed only in foil envelope. The positive aspect was there was no bad smell.

Quality of made

Here comes the biggest disapointment. Those tools are made very, very, very bad. Screwdrivers are very flexible. The plastic tools to unplug back of phone are made from very cheap kind of material and even during holding them you may notice something is wrong. The mini suction cup is like a pendant to mount it at the fridge.

The usage

Here is no better. Using screwdrivers is suffering they are slippery and if you push them little bit hardet they are breaking. The plastic tools to unplug are very hard to use becuase blastic starting crumble and fall off. Only the sucttion cup did his job but after few uses it lost some holding power.


As you can see this review is not positive at all. This is the worst product I ever bought from chinese. There is no sense to buy this totaly worthless. Make this review be lesson for you that sometimes is better to buy some more expensive product than buy some garbage. So guys be awere of this you get what you deserv. If you buy some expenisver tool there is bigger chance you receive great item but If you wanna trick and buy some cheapest things there is huge probability you receive garbage.

I bought this awful tools here.

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