Best cheap backpack Xiaomi

Hello, again long time no see, unfotunately exams time so be patient that reviews are so irregular, I do my best but sometimes I have no time for anything else. It’s not moaning time it’s time for reviews, because it’s summer time so it’s great time to go outside and enjoy nature, relax or take … Read more Best cheap backpack Xiaomi

Super cheap, awful tools set to fix your phone

Hello. Long time no see. As you may know one of the biggest advantage of buying on Chinese shops is lower price, and it’s great, but every coin have two sides. This review is some kind of warninig and lesson how to don’t make mistakes. This time we gonna check if cheap tools set may … Read more Super cheap, awful tools set to fix your phone

ANENG AN8009- great budget multimeter.

The best multimeter fo 20$

This is another post dedicated especialy to DIY, handyman, technical guys, electricians. One one of the basics of even totaly basic tool to start adventure with electricity is multimeter. The multimeters for 200$ are great for pros and they are worth their money, but too expensie for most people. Cheapest tools for 5$ are waste … Read more ANENG AN8009- great budget multimeter.

Cheap Desoldering Pump

We are still in DIY area. Few weeks ago I reviewed cheap soldering iron it is great tool especialy for beginners or amateur but to make our soldering or desoldering pleasant it’s good to have desoldering pump. There is no sense buy cheap soldering iron and expensive desoldering tool that’s why this time we will … Read more Cheap Desoldering Pump

Front bicycle light- safety not included

Again post about bicycles :D. One of the most important accesory for bike is lamp. The rear bicycle light that i reviewed a few weeks ago was great for his price, long battery life, not bad quality of made and bright enought to significanty increase being visible. Today I gonna check out if the front … Read more Front bicycle light- safety not included

The best cheap soldering iron

Almost in every handyman home we can find screwdrivers and wrenches, but most of them have no tool to fix elictric device. One of the basics tools of that type is soldering tool. Of course you can buy some soldering station for “only” 200$ or even more but if you just need solder sometring from … Read more The best cheap soldering iron

Screwdriver KALAIDUN- cheap means good

It was one of my first purchases from aliexpress. I just I explored the new world of shopping which was the aliexpress website, and then in the best match window apear Screwdriver KALAIDUN. I didn’t believe then that something cheap might be good and it was my mistake… If you are handyman or just cleaning … Read more Screwdriver KALAIDUN- cheap means good